Downlaod Game Keyboard Apk for Android

game keyboard

Want to download Game Keyboard apk for your phone. Then you are at the right place. From here you can download Game Keyboard android apk for free. IF you play games on your Android phone frequently then this app is necessary for you. There are some games which can not be played without proper keyboard of we need more buttons play these games. Or if there is any game which requires any cheats and codes then you can use this Game Keyboard.

Game Keyboard apk is an android app. It is a soft touch keyboard that you can use within games to play. Like street fighter, tekken, or any other games that can be played efficiently only with a gamepad. Moreover, you can also use Game Keyboard for GTA VC or Game Keyboard apk GTA 3.

Game Keyboard Apk for Android

You can user GameKeyboard as an emulator. By installing this app you can play games with a physical gamepad. It is easy to play a game with a keyboard than using touch. GameKeyboard give you very beautiful inerface. Buttons arranged on both sides, one is trackpad, other are function buttons.

Game Keyboard apk is mostly used for GTA Vice City or Gta 3. It is used to enter cheat codes in grand theft auto. So, if you want to enter cheat codes in GTA then Game Keyboard for cheat codes can be used easily.

Features of Game Keyboard

  • onscreen gamepad with:
    – multi-touch (depends on device and OS)
    – 4/8-way d-pad, up to 12 game buttons, 2 analog sticks
    – resizable and customizable buttons layout
    – fully configurable buttons mappings
  • re-map physical keys
  • save key/button mappings to profiles
  • full qwerty keyboard
  • create macro to perform autofire, combo keys, action sequence, and text input with single button hit
  • emulate Xperia Play and Onlive Controller buttons
  • emulate Touchscreen action, even work with devices with no touchscreen (e.g. Minix Neo X5) (need root)
  • emulate real Analog Joystick (need root, and OS joystick support)
  • control Analog Sticks with keys

Game Keyboard apk GTA 3

You can download Game Keyboard for GTA 3 for entering cheats and codes. Download it from below link.

Game Keyboard for GTA VC

With GTA Vice City Game Keyboard android, you can also enter cheats and play the game. Download it from below link.

Game Keyboard apk GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas Cheats Keyboard apk can below downloaded from below. You can use cheats with Game Keyboard android.  Download from below link.

Game Keyboard Apk Download

Download the gamekeyboard from below link.


  1. Download the Game Keyboard file from above link.
  2. On your phone go to Settings>>Security. Enable Unknown Sources option.
  3. Now go back to destination where you have downloaded the apk file.
  4. Tap on it and install.

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