The upcoming Android N Preview for Sony Xperia Z3 D6604 and D6653


Lucky Sony Xperia Z3 users can now install Google latest Android N Preview on their Z3 D6604 and D6653. Z3 is Sony’s flagship of 2014 and is an amazing Android Smartphone by Sony. Google has released this Android N Preview for its Nexus devices only and now Sony has decided to give their Customers Previews experience along with other updates.

Android N features

Android N Preview was released a month ago by Google it was a test version for Google Nexus only , some of its new features are described below.

Split Windows (multitasking)

This is the most talked feature of Android N and most awaited also, it is pretty cool , with split windows you will be able to put two apps side by side at the same time.

Enhanced Doze mode

This feature is already available in Android Marshmallow but it is more enhanced in Android N upcoming Android software. It will save the battery all the time unlike Marshmallow Doze mode where it worked when phone had remained unused for long time.

Notification panel and Settings menu

In Android N Notification panel is prominent with new features and in Settings a new Hamburger menu is introduced. These are some features of Android N known up till now and final version release may contain more things.

Android N Preview for Sony Xperia Z3 D6604 and D6653

The firmware file link for Z3 is given below, you can manually flash it or you can use Sony’s Companion Software for flashing it. After Preview installation you will automatically receive updates from time to time via OTA.
This link will take you Sony Xperia Z3 Preview | Link

Installation process

1. Download and install Xperia Companion version 1.1.24 or later, for latest download here linkĀ 

2. Now connect your Xperia Z3 with your PC using USB cable, After detection Xperia Companion Software will automatically run.

3. After that hold the ALT key on your PC and select Software repair on home screen and follow the instructions.

4. You will be asked to unplug your device and turn it off and then reconnect it, holding down the volume down key constantly until the update is done.

That’s all about Android N Preview update for Xperia Z3 D6604 and D6653.