When rooting or flashing custom ROMs, Backup your entire Data on PC


Rooting and flashing custom ROMs on Android devices is very common these days. Many of Android OS lovers apply different tweaks on their devices to get the most out of it. Rooting an Android enables us to unlock all the hidden features of Android OS. It gives us a way to install incompatible apps, apps that can really enhance the device performance.
One of the benefits of rooting is flashing custom ROMs custom ROMs like CM, Omni, Blisspop, AICP and many other let you install latest Android version on your devices unofficially with tons of new features and customization options not available on Stock ROM. Not every Android device gets updated to the latest Android firmware that’s why people flash Custom ROMs.

It changes your device interface and layout improves overall performance and battery life. The custom ROM installation requires a rooted device and a custom recovery CWM or TWRP installed on it and that’s where comes the actual part of writing this article. The custom ROM Flashing Erases all the data on your Android smartphone and that’s why you need to make a backup of all your data like your Apps backup, contacts, texts, call logs, multimedia files which include photos and stuff.
If this is not your case some people change their devices more often and so they need to transfer the important data who to their new device and that’s why they would like to Backup data on PC. In this way they would get rid of irritatiton of backing up the data again and again. So without any delay let’s move to the simple tutorial.


Download this app

Android SDK tool app latest version | link 


How to Backup all your Android data on PC

1. After installing this app open…Android
Studio->SDK Manager > Android SDK Platform-tools > Install.

2. After that launch SDK Manager > Android SDK Platform-tools > Install packages.

3. Now go to your Android device settings and enable USB debugging mode in developer options.

4. In case if you don’t see developer option go to settings > about phone and their tap build number for seven times you will see a pop up ‘you are a developer now’ . Now enable USB debugging.

5. Make sure your device USB drivers are installed on PC.

6. Now connect your device with PC using USB cable.

7. Now open a Command prompt, navigate to where ADB is located and type the following commands.

adb backup -all

adb backup -all -f C:\filenameichoose.ab

You have the following options to choose from

-apk → Backs up your apps.
-noapk → Does not backup apps.
-shared →  Backs up data on the SD card.
-noshared → Does not backup data on the SD card.

Now once you entered any of these commands you will get a Confirmation message. Confirm it and that’s all your data will be on your PC now as a backup.