Xposed Edge Pro Apk: How to use Xposed Edge PRO


Once you root your android device there is a lot that you can do. Today I’ll share an app called “Xposed Edge Pro Apk” Latest Version For Android.

This app is used to tweak the system level controls on your device and personalize/customize it according to yourself. I’ll provide you the direct link to download the latest apk file along with the step by step guide on installing and using the Xposed Edge apk.

What is Xposed Edge PRO Apk?


Note: Do not install this app if you don’t know what is XPOSED FRAMEWORK¬†

Xposed Edge Pro is an android application developed by Xposed, to provide you seamless personalization experience.

The app provides you with the following customization options. Therefore, you can use your device, the way you want.

Trigger options of Xposed Edge PRO:

  • Edge Gestures
  • Sidebar
  • Schedule Alarms
  • Android PIE Support
  • Shortcuts panel for any app you like.

Actions provided by Xposed Edge PRO:

There are several options that you can trigger with this amazing app.

  • Navigation options: Home, Back button, and other controls for navigation.
  • Media Controls: Play/Pause, Forward/Backward.
  • Start-Up Activities: you can trigger any app on the startup of your android device.
  • Freezer: Freeze/unfreeze app, launch the frozen app without unfreezing, and auto freeze after app exit.
  • Conditional: is screen on, keyguard on, wifi connected/disconnected, battery level, time period, wifi connected to, app-focused‚Ķ
  • There is certain Action list that you can define.
  • Speech to notification options. It is possible to make your android device to speak up the notifications.
  • Swipe Gestures: Swipe UP/Down for different controls.

Here’s the quick summary and version info for the Xposed Edge PRO Apk for Rooted Android:

Version Info

Name: Xposed Edge PRO

Version: 5.4.2

Developer: Jozeiz(Xposed Module Developer)

Apk Size: 725KB

Download Xposed Edge PRO Apk (Latest Version)

Xposed Edge PRO Apk Download For Android [Latest Version]

Get the latest version of Xposed Edge PRO from here.


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